This project is a continuation of earlier research of the Dep. of Archaeology at the University of Tartu. With regard to the Stone Age, the main objective is to study the primary settlement and the society of hunter-gatherers, the transition to the Neolithic package, the chronological limits of main pottery styles, the usage areas of pottery, the use of raw materials and exotic items. It will be necessary to study the causes of finds' paucity in the Early Bronze Age, to analyse the chronology of stone-cist and tarand-graves on the basis of AMS dates made of skeletons, to study field systems and bronzework. In the Iron Age, one has to specify associations between the settlement pattern and the power centres and the dynamics of the power centres. Much attention will be paid to the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age, less studied so far by archaeological means. General treatments on the Stone Age, Final Iron Age and Middle/Modern Ages will be published as the result of this project.

Principal investigator:
      › Valter Lang, professor, PhD

      › Arvi Haak
      › Kätlin Jansons
      › Kristiina Johanson
      › Riina Juurik
      › Kristel Kajak
      › Helena Kaldre
      › Pikne Kama
      › Anu Kivirüüt
      › Marge Konsa
      › Aivar Kriiska
      › Margot Laaneman
      › Anti Lillak
      › Liis Livin
      › Martin Malve
      › Ain Mäesalu
      › Maarja Olli
      › Ester Oras
      › Mirja Ots
      › Riina Rammo
      › Keiti Randoja
      › Eve Rannamäe
      › Mari-Ann Remmel
      › Maili Roio
      › Ragner Saage
      › Andres Tvauri
      › Mari Tõrv
      › Heiki Valk
      › Riina Vesi
      › Liia Vijand
      › Andres Vindi

R&D institution:
      › Kätlin Jansons, coordinator
      › Postal address:
           Ülikooli 18
           Tartu 50090
      › Offices:
           Jakobi 2-207
      › Phone: (+372 7) 375 652
      › Fax: (+372 7) 375 345
      › E-mail: katlin.jansosns@ut.ee
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