The main objective of the project is to approach the ‘travelling concepts’ of spatiality, textuality, and nation from the point of view of cultural meaning-making processes. The very site of meaning-making is viewed as culturescape – the web of collectively shared practices of meaning-formation that embraces the production, distribution, consumption and preservation of collectively shared meanings. Our intent is to understand how the old and new ways of meaning-making negotiate their positions in transforming the culturescape. Our intent is also to integrate approaches from various disciplines in order to propose an epistemological strategy for understanding culture-dependent meaning-formation processes that are at work in our everyday life and that constitute the way things and events are experienced by human beings in their corresponding cultural contexts.

Principal investigator:
      › Hannes Palang, professor (0,1), senior researcher (0,9), PhD

       › Michael Amundsen
       › Aet Annist
       › Carlo A. Cubero
       › Karin Dean
       › Ester Eggert
       › Jaanika Hunt
       › Indrek Ibrus
       › Krista Karro
       › Kadri Kasemets
       › Siobhan Kattago
       › Franz Krause
       › Marju Kõivupuu
       › Partick Lavolette
       › Anna Mossolova
       › Leenu Nigu
       › Tarmo Pikner
       › Anu Printsmann
       › Vahur Puik
       › Triinu Püvi
       › Rein Raud
       › Hugo Reinert
       › Kati Soonvald
       › Marek Tamm
       › Kristiina Tiideberg
       › Tauri Tuvikene
       › Tõnu Viik

R&D institution:
      › Riina Trofimova, coordinator
      › Postal address:
          Uus-Sadama 5
          Tallinn 10120
      › E-mail: tuulip@ehi.ee
      › Phone: (+372) 6199555
      › Fax: (+372) 6199530

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