This project is an ethnological study of the process where cultural expressions and practices are designated (intangible) cultural heritage and converted into a socio-cultural resource. We propose a reflexive critical analysis of heritage construction and community revitalisation when examining cultural heritage interpretations or applications from four perspectives: heritage conceptualisation and policy-making on international, national or local community level; remembrance of difficult pasts and commemorative practices on collective and individual level; cultural heritage as resource in rural entrepreneurship; aspects of exclusion and contestation of the prescriptive heritage framework. Fieldwork in Estonia is complemented with comparative studies in Latvia and Russia, and possibly beyond. This is innovative research that involves interdisciplinary and collaborative approach with an aim to explore socio-cultural experience and contemplate suggestions for cultural policy makers.

Principal investigator:
      › Art Leete, professor, PhD

       › Aet Annist
       › Ester Bardone
       › Toomas Gross
       › Kristi Grünberg
       › Kirsti Jõesalu
       › Liisi Jääts
       › Maarja Kaaristo
       › Piret Koosa
       › Kristin Kuutma
       › Ene Kõresaar
       › Marleen Metslaid
       › Liivo Niglas
       › Laura Siragusa
       › Terje Toomistu
       › Eva Toulouze
       › Laur Vallikivi
       › Aimar Ventsel

R&D institution:
      › Sille Vadi, coordinator
      › E-mail: sille.vadi@ut.ee
      › Postal address:
           Ülikooli 16
           Tartu 50090

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