The project conceptualises folklore as a tradition-based creative practice embedded in social and communicative contexts, and aims at exploring it on both individual and collective levels. The focus will be on the construction of social realities through folklore, relationship between the individual and tradition, dynamics of generic expressivity, intertextuality, alternative or counter-hegemonic discourses, and on vernacular religion as a web of beliefs and practices. Secondly, the project studies folkloristic knowledge production, taking a critical approach to theoretical concepts and analytical tools and developing them in an interdisciplinary dialogue. Thirdly, the project examines historical trajectories of folklore studies in different social and ideological contexts. The main areas of research will be Estonia, its ethnic minorities, Baltic-Finnic and other Finno-Ugric cultures, England, India and its indigenous peoples.

Principal investigator:
      › Ülo Valk, professor, PhD

       › Madis Arukask
       › Anastasiya Astapova
       › Tiiu Jaago
       › Paul Hagu
       › Reet Hiiemäe
       › Risto Järv
       › Mairi Kaasik
       › Katre Kikas
       › Kristel Kivari
       › Kaisa Kulasalu
       › Helen Kästik
       › Liilia Laaneman
       › Margaret Lyngdoh
       › Merili Metsvahi
       › Toomas Pajula
       › Maili Pilt
       › Reeli Reinaus
       › Mari-Ann Remmel
       › Jonathan Roper
       › Elo-Hanna Seljamaa
       › Irina Sadovina
       › Tiina Sepp
       › Pihla Maria Siim
       › Siim Sorokin
       › Kärri Toomeos-Orglaan
       › Olga Troshkina
       › Astrid Tuisk
       › Marat Viires
       › Ergo-Hart Västrik

R&D institution:
    › Liilia Laaneman, coordinator
    › E-mail: liilia.laaneman@ut.ee
    › Postal address:
           Ülikooli 18
           Tartu 50090

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