This research project examines the genesis of the contemporary religious situation in Estonia. Estonia is an extremely secularized European country, characterized by the diminishing institutionalization of religion (de-institutionalization) and the decline of the Christian practices and beliefs (de-Christianization). The methods of social history, cultural anthropology, and modern textual analysis are combined with social sciences methods (mostly qualitative). This innovative project analyzes the different manifestations of religiosity. The research project will expand the understanding of the place of religion in the European social and cultural processes from the modern period to the present by using Estonia as a radical example.

Principal investigator:
    › Riho Altnurme, professor, PhD

       › Toomas Abiline
       › Lea Altnurme
       › Liina Eek
       › Tiina-Erika Friedenthal
       › Ursula Haava
       › Roland Karo
       › Anne Kull
       › Marju Lepajõe
       › Lauri Liiders
       › Piret Lotma
       › Marita Paas
       › Irina Paert
       › Indrek Peedu
       › Indrek Pekko
       › Urmas Petti
       › Atko-Sulhan Remmel
       › Ain Riistan
       › Ringo Ringvee
       › Priit Rohtmets
       › Olga Schihalejev
       › Toomas Schvak
       › Andrei Sõtšov
       › Marko Uibu
       › Aira Võsa

R&D institution:
   › Riho Altnurme, principal investigator
   › Postal address:
        Ülikooli 18
        Tartu 50090
    › Phone: (+372) 737 5962
    › E-mail: riho.altnurme@ut.ee

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