CECT scientific events

Autumn conferences
An intenational autumn conference is our main annual event
Theoretical seminars
An on-going theoretical and methodological discussion uniting the research groups
Theory incubators
An annual internal event, planning the activities of the next year and initiating work groups
Research groups’ subject-oriented events

CECT publications

The Approaches to Culture Theory book series (Tartu University Press)
The series focuses on various aspects of analysis, modelling, and theoretical understanding of culture
    - Volume 4 “Estonian Approaches to Culture Theory” (forthcoming, 2014)
    - Volume 3 “Things in Culture, Culture in Things” (2013)
    - Volume 2 “The Curving Mirror of Time” (2013)
    - Volume 1 “Space of Culture – the Place of Nature in Estonia and Beyond” (2011)
Book series for school teachers
    - A handbook for student research in the humanities and social sciences (in Estonian, forthcoming)
    - “Õpetaja kui kultuurimälu vahendaja. Kultuurilise identiteedi mõtestamise ja tõlgendamise võimalusi” [The Teacher as the     Mediator of Cultural Memory. Approaches to Cultural Identity] (2012)
Special issues in academic journals and publications issued with the support of CECT

CECT and graduate studies

Cooperation with the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA), a joint venture for the lecturers and doctoral students of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the University of Tartu, Tallinn University, and the Estonian Academy of Arts
    - Members of the GSCSA council
    - Co-organising an annual international winter school and smaller intensive graduate seminars
    - Collaboration in establishing and conducting the Methodologies of Culture Studies graduate course (in Estonian)

CECT and general education

The CECT has the general aim of considering different aspects of teaching culture and related topics in schools, and of drawing greater attention to the possibilities of using research results in study programmes and in the integration of the programmes
    - Seminars for school teachers
    - Evaluation intruments for the cross-curricular theme Cultural Identity

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