October 19 (Wednesday)

19:00 welcoming reception (for presenters only)
Guild Hall of St. Anthony’s Guild (Lutsu 3)

October 20 (Thursday)

10:00 registration table opened (nametags, program)
Lobby of the Main Building, University of Tartu (Ülikooli 18)

11:00-11:15 opening of the conference
Prof. Valter Lang (head of CECT, University of Tartu)
Things in culture, culture in things: An introduction  SEE LECTURE
Ülikooli 18-139

11:15-12:30 Plenary lecture
Prof. Stephen H. Riggins (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
The natural order is decay: The home as an ephemeral art project  SEE LECTURE
Moderator: Tiit Remm (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-139

12:30-13:30 lunch (registered participants only)
Restaurant Entri (Rüütli 9)


Session I: 1 Home: The dynamics of materialities and meanings in migratory and transitional contexts
Moderator: Ester Võsu (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-139

Susanne Nylund Skog (Institute of language and folklife in Uppsala)
Travelling furniture: How experiences and memories of living in Diaspora are materialised in a Jewish woman’s life-narrative.

Anu Kannike (Tallinn University)
Estonian home in transition: Comparison of the 1930s, 1960s and 1990s

Maris Suits (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Searching for the meaning. Approaches for the common construction materials of the Soviet period

Session I: 2 Technologies
Moderator: Carlo A. Cubero (Tallinn University)
Ülikooli 18-140

Mari Lõhmus, Martin Malve (University of Tartu)
The body as evidence. Materialised violence from the 12th–13th century exemplified by a case study of a mass grave from Southern Estonia

Maaris Raudsepp, Andu Rämmer (Tallinn University, University of Tartu)
The social childhood of new ambivalent objects

15:00-15:30 coffee break
University of Tartu Art Museum (Main Building, I floor)


Session II: 1 Landscape: Changing meanings of rural and urban landscapes
Moderator: Helen Sooväli-Sepping (Tallinn University)
Ülikooli 18-140

Hannes Palang, Anu Printsmann, Piret Pungas, Helen Sooväli-Sepping (Tallinn University)
Marked with stuff

Irina Sadovina (University College London/University of Tartu)
Power, memory and urban space: Negotiating the meaning of public objects in Yoshkar-Ola

Johanna Laitamäki (Bournemouth University)
Changes in space: Interpreting the Helsinki University Observatory

Session II: 2 Things designed by man
Moderator: Krista Kodres (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Ülikooli 18-139

Marketta Luutonen (Finnish Crafts Organization/Aalto University)
Handmade culture

Visa Immonen (University of Helsinki)
Design for individuality: Contemporary consumer products and interpassivity in material culture

Virve Peteri (Aalto University)
Flexible minds and flexible chairs: Constructing future users and offices during a design process

19:00 conference dinner (registered participants only)
Café Werner (Ülikooli 11, II floor)

October 21 (Friday)

9:00-10:15 Plenary lecture (video conference)
Dr. Joanna Sofaer (University of Southampton)
Pots and stories  SEE LECTURE
Moderator: Valter Lang (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-139

10:15-10:45 coffee break
University of Tartu Art Museum (Main Building, I floor)


Session III: 1 Waste knot: Semio-scapes of inclusion and exclusion
Moderator: Patrick Laviolette (Tallinn University)
Ülikooli 18-139

Brigitte Glaser (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Waste and alterity in ‘speculative fiction’: An assessment of the de- and re-evaluation of material objects in selected dystopian novels

Tarmo Pikner (Tallinn University)
Interactive visualisation, waste and affects

Kati Lindström (University of Tartu)
Slip-pers-pective: Everyday objects as the markers of spatial hierarchy

Remo Gramigna (University of Tartu)
On toilets, boundaries, dirt and other disgusting 'things': A semiotic approach

Session III: 2 Construction of identity through material objects
Moderator: Ergo-Hart Västrik (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-140

Matthias Müller (University of Greifswald)
Middle class identities in the eighteenth century: How did things shape the thirteen British colonies?

Maarja Kaaristo (University of Tartu)
The materiality of tourism: Expressing identity, making souvenirs

Sabina Fazli (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Narrative, memory and things: The souvenir in Wilkie Collins’s After Dark (1856)

12:45-14:00 lunch (registered participants only)
Restaurant Entri (Rüütli 9)

14:00-15:15 Plenary lecture
Dr. Elizabeth Crooke (University of Ulster)
„Bullet holes bring reality“: The significance of things in the context of the Northern Ireland conflict  SEE LECTURE
Moderator: Kristin Kuutma (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-139

15:15-15:45 coffee break
University of Tartu Art Museum (Main Building, I floor)


Session IV: 1 Museum and heritage: Things to be remembered
Moderator: Elizabeth Crooke (University of Ulster)
Ülikooli 18-140

Claudia Theune-Vogt (University of Vienna)
Things from the victims and things from the perpetrators of the Nazi-concentration camp

Irina Paert (Tallinn University)
Orthodox icons in religious and secular cultures (case-studies from the 20th and the 21st century Estonia)

Session IV: 2 Special objects telling special stories: Question of materialities and contexts
Moderator: Ester Oras (University of Cambridge)
Ülikooli 18-139

Marge Konsa (University of Tartu)
The meaning of grave goods

Timo Muhonen (University of Turku)
Hard matter: Stones in Finnish-Karelian folk belief

Carlo A. Cubero (Tallinn University)
On koras & djembes: Multiple associations of transnational musical instruments

Svetlana Pogodina (University of Latvia)
The doll as a fetish in the traditional (folk) culture of Latgalia: A cross-border phenomenon

20:00 film session
“Lotmani maailm” (“Lotman’s world”; dir. Agne Nelk; 56 min)
Introduction by film’s scriptwriter Rein Pakk
Zaal (Raekoja square 10, III floor)

October 22 (Saturday)

10:00-11:15 Plenary lecture
Prof. Dr. Ruth-E. Mohrmann (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
Research into the history of material culture  SEE LECTURE
Moderator: Ene Kõresaar (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-139

11:15-11:45 coffee break
University of Tartu Art Museum (Main Building, I floor)


Session V: 1 Media and materiality
Moderator: Halliki Harro-Loit (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-139

Roosmarii Kurvits (University of Tartu)
The visual form of newspaper as a guide for information consumption

Indrek Ibrus (Tallinn University)
A multidisciplinary approach to media innovation: Studying cultural change in the network era

Ene Kõresaar (University of Tartu)
Things in a culture of remembrance: Oral history and journalistic discourses on ‘material life’ in the era of ‘mature socialism’

Rowan R. MacKay (University of Edinburgh)
Beware of dreams come true: Valuing the intangible

Session V: 2 Textile
Moderator: Kärt Summatavet (University of Tartu)
Ülikooli 18-140

Kirsti Salo-Mattila (University of Helsinki)
An embroidered royal gift as a political symbol and embodiment of design ideas in 1885

Carine Kool (University of Rennes 2)
Embroidered artworks: Objects, messengers of status and subversion, from cliché to singular writing

Ieva Pigozne (Latvian Academy of Culture)
Meaning and power of pieces of clothing and footwear according to ethnological and Latvian folklore data

Maria Cristache (Central European University)
Vintage fashion: Authenticity, individualisation and passion

13:45-14:45 lunch (registered participants only)
Restaurant Entri (Rüütli 9)

14:45-17:00 conclusions by session moderators, closing of the conference
Ülikooli 18-139


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