October 17 (Wednesday)

17:00–18:00 tour in hotel museum “Hotel Viru & KGB” (in Estonian, requires previous registration) – Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru Väljak 4, meeting in the lobby

18:00–19:00 tour in hotel museum “Hotel Viru & KGB” (in English, requires previous registration) – Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru Väljak 4, meeting in the lobby

19:00 welcoming reception (requires previous registration) – Currency Bar / Valuutabaar, Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru Väljak 4, II floor 

October 18 (Thursday)

10:00 registration desk opened (nametags, abstract book) / wake up coffee
 Lobby of Tallinna saal (M-218)

11:00–11:25 opening of the conference – Tallinna saal (M-218)
Prof. Katrin Niglas (Tallinn University Vice-Rector for Research)
Welcome from Tallinn University
Prof. Valter Lang (University of Tartu, head of CECT)
Dynamics of cultural borders: An introduction

Panel I: 1 (M-648)
Subjectivity and the negotiation of conflict of the 20th century in the Baltic area

Moderator: Ene Kõresaar (University of Tartu)

Merja Ellefson (Umeå University)
The hero’s mother: Lotta Svärd and remembering the Civil War

Tiiu Jaago (University of Tartu)
Rupture and continuity - the Soviet period in life narratives

Irena Šutinienė (Lithuanian Social Research Centre)
Negotiating borders: Memories of conflicting groups of WWII participants in Lithuania

11:30 –13:30
Panel III: 1 (M-340)
Boundaries of believable realities

Moderator: Roland Karo (University of Tartu)

Marko Uibu (University of Tartu)
Shifting boundaries of believable realities: Experiencing the extraordinary

Irina Paert (Univeristy of Tartu)
The Christian visionary experience as border-crossing

Lea Altnurme (University of Tartu)
Boundaries of religion in the Estonian society at the start of the 21st century

Caterina Squillace (Jagiellonian University)
The dynamics of geographical and symbolic borders of Europe in the XVth century culture

13:30–14:30 lunch (for registered participants) – Aatrium, Mare building, III floor

14:30–15:15 Plenary lecture – Tallinna saal (M-218), Mare building
Prof. Anssi Paasi (Department of Geography, University of Oulu)
Border studies on the move: Going beyond territorial-relational divide

15:15–15:45 Discussion of the plenary lecture– Tallinna saal (M-218)
Moderator: Eiki Berg (University of Tartu)

15:45–16:15 coffee break – Aatrium, Mare building, III floor

Panel I: 2 (M-648)
Self-descriptive practices in culture

Moderator: Tiit Remm (University of Tartu)

Roosmarii Kurvits (University of Tartu)
Crossing the border of authoritarianism: The visual form of newspapers as a representation of Estonian socio-political changes, 1940 and 1991

Marek Miil (University of Tartu)
Silenced war heroes: War veterans in Soviet Estonian newspapers 19441989

Heli Reimann (University of Helsinki)
From swing to hillbilly: The discourse of Estonian jazz during the period of cultural rupture in the late 1940s

Panel III: 2 (M-340)
Real and imagined borders in North-East Europe

Moderator: Aili Aarelaid-Tart (Tallinn University)

Aida Hatšaturjan (Tallinn University)
The ‘Baltic Russians‘ as an ‘imagined community’ in the biographical narratives of Russian-speaking youth

Klinta Ločmele (University of Latvia)
Behind constructed borders: Media representations of countryside in Latvia

Tuija Saarinen (University of Eastern Finland)
The individual level of Finnish-Russian relationships during the Soviet period in the travelogues of Finnish magazines

Thekla Musäus (Greifswald University)
Karelia – a lost land on either side of the Finnish-Russian border?

20:00–… Conference dinner (requires previous registration) – Restaurant Platz, Roseni St. 7

October 19 (Friday)

9:30 information dest opened / wake up coffee – Aatrium, Mare building, III floor


Panel II (M-340)  
Drawing borders: (Re-)materialising ideologies in landscape and in practice

Moderator: Helen Sooväli-Sepping (Tallinn University)

Marshall Johnson
(University of Wisconsin-Superior)

Distributed cognitive practices re-bordering Taiwanese landscapes

Charlotte Damm
(National University of Ireland)

From ethnic boundaries to practice networks

Uwe Sperling (Tallinn University)
Visitors to the opposite side. The border-concept in intercultural and interethnic relations across the Baltic Sea in early prehistory

Franz Krause (Tallinn University)
Rivers, borders, and the flows of the landscape

Panel IV: 1 (M-648)
Silence, voice(lessness) and agency
Moderator: Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (University of Tarty)

Karina Lukin (University of Helsinki)
Talking religion: Speech about the non-reportable

Laur Vallikivi (University of Tartu)
The power of silence and words: Language ideologies in the missionary encounter between Russian Baptists and Nenets reindeer herders

Piret Koosa (University of Tartu / Estonian National Museum)
„I don’t know how to speak yet…”: Narrating conversion in an evangelical community in Komi

Ergo-Hart Västrik (University of Tartu)
Acquiring agency for a minority group: The case of Votian ethnic revival

12:00–13:15 lunch (for registered participants) – Aatrium, Mare building, III floor

13:15–14:00 Plenary lecture – Tallinna saal (M-218), Mare building
Ass. prof. Stephen Wolfe (Border Poetics research group, University of Tromsø)
Memoryscapes into borderscapes: Notes on progress towards a border aesthetics

14:00–14:30 Discussion of the plenary lecture – Tallinna saal (M-218), Mare building
Moderator: Marina Grišakova (University of Tartu)

14:30–15:00 coffee break – Aatrium, Mare building, III floor

14:45–15:45 Poster session – Aatrium, Mare building, III floor

Panel IV: 2 (M-648)
Silence, fieldwork and ethnic interaction

Moderator: Laur Vallikivi (University of Tartu)

Pihla Siim
(University of Tartu)

Family stories untold

Uku Lember
(Central European University)

Silence and ethnicity in Russian-Estonian marriages: Evidence from life-story research

Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (University of Tartu)
From silence to merchandise: Studying ethnic interactions in contemporary Estonia

Panel V (M-340)
Movement of humans and animals: Freedom, limits, margins

Moderator: Riin Magnus (University of Tartu)

Pernille Gooch (Lund University)
Moving-with-animals through a landscape of ambiguity: Pastoralists on the margin of Indian society  following lines, crossing borders, and encountering limits

Eva Toulouze & Liivo Niglas (University of Tartu)

Fixity and movement in Western Siberia: When oil-drillers`, natives` and reindeer`s paths cross

Tiit Maran (Tallinn University / Tallinn Zoological Gardens)
Humans and animals: Movement paths and moving into each other's worlds

Panel V: Discussion with presenters (M-340)
The movement of humans and animals at the intersection of technological change, cultural practices and nature protection
Moderator: Kadri Tüür (Univeristy of Tartu)

Preliminary program (PDF)


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