Dr Joanna Sofaer

Dr Joanna Sofaer is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Southampton (UK). Her research combines innovative theoretical work with material culture based approaches. Her main research interests are Copper and Bronze Age in Europe; archaeologies of craft and technology; archaeologies of social identity (especially age and gender); and archaeological theory (in particular ‘the body’ and the relationship between archaeological theory and bioarchaeology).

Dr Joanna Sofaer is the author of “The Body as Material Culture: A Theoretical Osteoarchaeology” (2006), co-editor of “Biographies and Space. Placing the Subject in Art and Architecture” (2008), editor of “Material Identities” (2007), and “Children and Material Culture” (2000).

Dr Joanna Sofaer’s plenary lecture at CECT conference - „Pots and Stories“ - will be based around the ongoing work for HERA grant “Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe” (CinBA) (www.cinba.net).

More information: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/archaeology/profiles/sofaer.html

Prof Stephen Harold Riggins

Dr Stephen Harold Riggins is a Professor at the Department of Sociology of the Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada). Prof Riggins’ main areas of interests are ethnicity; sociology of culture; mass media and public opinion; material culture studies; and sociology of families. His current interests involve symbolic interactionist approaches to the symbolism of material artifacts and the application of critical discourse analysis to news stories. His research on mass media includes studies of journalism by First Nations peoples, the role of mass media in preserving minority identities, discourses of Chineseness, and the rhetoric of implicit racism. He is presently writing a history of the MUN sociology department as well as investigating the sociological value of anecdotal evidence in ethnographies and life narratives.

Prof Stephen H. Riggins is the editor of „The Socialness of Things: Essays on the Socio-semiotics of Objects“ (1994), „The Language and Politics of Exclusion: Others in Discourse“ (1997), and „Ethnic Minority Media: An International Perspective“ (1992).

More information: http://www.semioticon.com/people/riggins.htm

Dr Elizabeth Crooke is a Senior Lecturer in Museum and Heritage Studies at the University of Ulster (UK). She is active in the academic area of museum studies as well as working with museums and everyday museum practice. Dr Crooke researches cultural, political and identity issues in relation to museums. She is currently working on the area of museums and biography, which considers themes such as material culture studies, identity, representation and memory.

Dr Elizabeth Crooke is the autor of „Museums and Community. Ideas, issues and challenges“ (2008), and „Politics, Archaeology and the Creation of a National Museum in Ireland: an expression of national life“ (2000).

More information: http://www.arts.ulster.ac.uk/ahri/RIProfiles.php?e_code=10241924

Prof Ruth-E. Mohrmann

Dr Ruth-E. Mohrmann is a professor of European ethnology at the University of Münster (Germany). Prof Mohrmann’s main research areas are history of everyday life; material culture; visual culture; history of mentalities; ethnology of law; cultural and social history of the early modernity; and urban research.

Prof Ruth-E. Mohrmann is the editor of „Alternative Spiritualität heute“ (2010), „Kulturhistorische Nahrungsforschung in Europa“ (2008), „Historizität. Vom Umgang mit Geschichte“ (2007), „Essen und Trinken in der Moderne“ (2006) and „Städtische Volkskultur im 18. Jahrhundert“ (2001).

More information: http://www.uni-muenster.de/Volkskunde/Organisation/Mohrmann_Publikationen.html


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