The theoretical seminars are for discussion of the themes and topics central to the Centre of Excellence: culture, cultural theories, identity, memory, time and space. These seminars connect the research groups through theoretical and methodological discussions, offering opportunities for the presentation of field-specific perspectives and discussion of individual research problems. The purpose of the seminars is to map the theoretical platforms of the research groups, and as a result, move towards the creation of a common theoretical network and a more complete understanding of cultural research.

Theoretical seminars in 2011

March 15 – religious studies, ethnology, folkloristics (Tartu)
April 19 – semiotics, cultural communication studies (Tartu)
May 3 – folkloristics, contemporary cultural studies, ethnology, cultural communication studies (Tartu)
September 13 – (in English) landscape studies, archaeology, contemporary cultural studies (Tallinn)
October 4 – ethnology, cultural communication studies (Tartu)

Theoretical seminars in 2010

Each research group organises one seminar on a topic of interest. The theoretical seminars take place once a month on Tuesdays, 14:00-18:00. Address: in Tartu, Ülikooli 16-102; seminar rooms in Tallinn University will be specified.
The working language of the seminars is mostly Estonian.

February 9 – cultural communication studies (Tartu)
March 2 – contemporary cultural studies (Tallinn)
April 6 – semiotics (Tartu)
May 4 – religious studies (Tartu)
October 5 – ethnology (Tartu)
November 2 – folkloristics (Tartu)
November 23 – landscape studies (Tallinn)  
December 7 – archaeology (Tartu)

Theoretical seminars in 2009

In the first half of 2009, five lectures/seminars took place in Tartu, presenting cultural-theoretical problems from the point of view of different research areas.

Recordings of the seminars from the 1st half of 2009 (in Estonian).

In the second half of 2009, a more systematic mapping of the meta-level, and the creation of a common language for the CECT, began under the supervision of Professor Peeter Torop. The discussions were based on basic texts and problem definitions given by the research groups.

Seminar topics:
I: Culture
II: Cultural Theory
III: Identity
IV: Time-space

Additional  information: cect@ut.ee, 737 6535

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